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Changing Your Habits

Our habits are ultimately what generates our entire lives. And let’s admit, we’re all guilty of a bad habit or two.

It’s not uncommon for someone to put one of these bad habits into perspective and think, “I’d like to change that.”

We seek to better our habits purely for the sake of bettering ourselves.

This blog will look into how habits formulate in the brain. Then I’ll look into ways in which one can change these formulations to better their daily routines. Continue reading Changing Your Habits


Breaking the Nothing (Short Story)

It was a Thursday afternoon during the great escape known as summer break. The sun was blazing so much heat, we were forced to melt next to a fan while attempting to watch television. But there was nothing on.

I turned to the three sitting next to me and said something along the lines of, “Why don’t we go out and do something?”

They gave me this poisonous look and one of them mumbled, “The fuck’s there to do in a town like this?”

Unfortunately, he was right. In a town like Seymour, Connecticut, there ain’t the damnest thing to do. And that’s why I was desperate to do something. Continue reading Breaking the Nothing (Short Story)

America’s Heroin Epidemic


I currently work for an upscale rehabilitation website. Writing blogs about what you’d expect. However, there was one topic of discussion that caught my interest. I figured I should talk about it here.

It may or may not come as a surprise that America is currently facing a heroin epidemic. I wouldn’t have believed this myself if I hadn’t seen it first hand a couple of years ago.

It started with a friend’s cousin who was addicted. He came off as an unlikely victim due to his family’s wealth. Yet, no one denied this cousin had a drug problem. He’d steal money, consistently lie, and often leave for long periods of time. As soon as my friend began making decisions for himself, he fell victim too.

For some reason, this didn’t strike me as anything odd. I had hung around the two while they were doped out (an East Coast term for being high on heroin) as if it was nothing out of the ordinary. The sad truth I had yet to understand was that this was becoming the ordinary. At least for people like me who found themselves in the local drug scene.

This all ended as poorly as you’d expect. My friend overdosed in his house. The cousin was with him and gave CPR which miraculously saved his life. Authorities were called and he was safely hospitalized.

Since this point, I have constructed my own opinions on the matter that I’d like to discuss here.

Continue reading America’s Heroin Epidemic

The Profusion of Fear


I think it’s obvious to say that the news only conceives of the worst possible scenarios as a way to fuel our society’s ever-growing paranoia. But without our consent, news networks would cease to find the feedback they wholesomely desire. Therefore, I question why we perpetuate ourselves into the darkest of places within our society. And I don’t feel cautious when proclaiming that we enjoy this perpetuation beyond our own control.

Every day, millions are eating up the worst possible information as if they’re at the buffet. And for what reason? As a means to keep ourselves knowledgeable of current events? Or is there more substance that’s being ignored?

My explanation is simple but has much room for expansion. I believe we watch the news as a way to sedate ourselves with certain emotions. And the people controlling these news networks continue to feed us these emotions as a way of manipulation. An influence in which the end result is always the two substances running our society; money and power. Continue reading The Profusion of Fear

How Literature is Changing in the 21st Century


Within our age of the Internet, literature necessarily isn’t dying as some people insist. Instead, it’s shaping itself in ways to appropriately accommodate modern technology. Blogs have given independent writers and corporations the opportunity to publish whenever they desire. Newspapers and magazines now hold completely digital subscription services. Likewise, novels are finding their way from the page to the screen.

Social media is only fueling a new literary trend. Web sites like Twitter allow for publications in 160 words or less. Though this might seem like an insufficient means for receiving information, the use of the hashtag has only made more convenience for web surfers. A hashtag unites many publications together, offering a variety of opinions and voices for people to read. Likewise, social media uses online forums as a way to connect people on the issues they wish to discuss.

However, when it comes to traditional-based publications such as novels and playwrights, we are seeing a diminish in interest. There are a variety of reasons for this, but the most notable are that people want to receive information at quicker rates. The internet allows for readers to digest stories within a matter of minutes (or even seconds).

Let’s say someone is scrolling around online publications for an hour. Within that time, they will have overviewed a wide diversity of information. This is becoming the preferred method for one simple reason. People are finding more interest in having an abundance at their disposal.

Continue reading How Literature is Changing in the 21st Century