An Analysis of the School Shooting Phenomenon

A deeper look into what makes individuals want to commit mass murder.


9 Sensitivities of the Delicate Human

Exploring the deeper emotions and thoughts a sensitive person struggles with on a day-to-day basis.

A Story About Sexual Ambition

My intentions were only to go out and grab a pack of smokes. But in the city of San Francisco, such a simple maneuver can lead one into the most unexpected of directions. A man approached me, noticing my fresh pack of cigarettes, and asked to bum one. I immediately felt trust due to his... Continue Reading →

The Pursuing Artist: Jake Heraty

About a week ago, I flew to┬áSouthern California to meet up with fellow writer and filmmaker, Jake Heraty. I was immediately swept away by the overbearing heat. Which has caused much nauseation as I put together this interview and blog. In the location of Menifee, CA, there is rather little to see besides miles of... Continue Reading →

The Profusion of Fear

Introduction I think it's obvious to say that the news only conceives of the worst possible scenarios as a way to fuel our society's ever-growing paranoia. But without our consent, news networks would cease to find the feedback they wholesomely desire. Therefore, I question why we perpetuate ourselves into the darkest of places within our... Continue Reading →

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