How to Keep Sane While on the Grind

A person's brain and body can only be pushed so far. Too often, we might find ourselves pushing these limits for the sake of income. To be fair, there are many of us who have no other choice. The cost of living is only rising and the amount of student debt over our heads is... Continue Reading →


The Singular Problem with Everyone’s Opinion

Let me begin by dismaying any stigma perpetuated by the title. I don't hold anything against anyone's opinion. I don't expect everyone to agree with me nor each other. I'm a storyteller and if all my characters believed the same things, there wouldn't be any stories to tell. The purpose of this blog is to... Continue Reading →

A Story About Sexual Ambition

My intentions were only to go out and grab a pack of smokes. But in the city of San Francisco, such a simple maneuver can lead one into the most unexpected of directions. A man approached me, noticing my fresh pack of cigarettes, and asked to bum one. I immediately felt trust due to his... Continue Reading →

The Pursuing Artist: Jake Heraty

About a week ago, I flew to Southern California to meet up with fellow writer and filmmaker, Jake Heraty. I was immediately swept away by the overbearing heat. Which has caused much nauseation as I put together this interview and blog. In the location of Menifee, CA, there is rather little to see besides miles of... Continue Reading →

The Profusion of Fear

Introduction I think it's obvious to say that the news only conceives of the worst possible scenarios as a way to fuel our society's ever-growing paranoia. But without our consent, news networks would cease to find the feedback they wholesomely desire. Therefore, I question why we perpetuate ourselves into the darkest of places within our... Continue Reading →

Millennial Intermission

I wonder how many of my fellow Millennials realize the vital times we find ourselves young in. A large influx of change has been made within our society - all beginning around the time of 2000 - that has really left us in a sort of cross hold of eras. Much like that of 1960's... Continue Reading →

Pornography Psychology

Introduction Modern pornography has manipulated society into a clash of irresistible pleasure and moral dilemma. The problem is there is no problem with porn in itself. Rather, in the way society intakes it. The overall concern lies in how the youth is developing their perspective of sex through porn. However, the promiscuous behavior it evokes... Continue Reading →

How Literature is Changing in the 21st Century

Introduction Within our age of the Internet, literature necessarily isn’t dying as some people insist. Instead, it’s shaping itself in ways to appropriately accommodate modern technology. Blogs have given independent writers and corporations the opportunity to publish whenever they desire. Newspapers and magazines now hold completely digital subscription services. Likewise, novels are finding their way... Continue Reading →

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