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White Room

It’s been about twelve hours now.

There’s been a headache perpetuating my conscious. Chills sweating all throughout my body. And a very lonely feeling of disillusionment.

I sat there, in the white room, trying to forget what was happening.

Twelve hours seems like nothing when you think about the five years it’s been since. Five years – it seems so far into the future, yet, so close from the past. Continue reading White Room


Breaking the Nothing (Short Story)

It was a Thursday afternoon during the great escape known as summer break. The sun was blazing so much heat, we were forced to melt next to a fan while attempting to watch television. But there was nothing on.

I turned to the three sitting next to me and said something along the lines of, “Why don’t we go out and do something?”

They gave me this poisonous look and one of them mumbled, “The fuck’s there to do in a town like this?”

Unfortunately, he was right. In a town like Seymour, Connecticut, there ain’t the damnest thing to do. And that’s why I was desperate to do something. Continue reading Breaking the Nothing (Short Story)