Looking for Opinions – Public Interest in Art

As a writer, my goal - just like any other writer - is to publish pieces that will gain as much public interest as possible. On this blog, I've talked to great lengths as to why this is such a tricky situation for me and any other writer of the era. Simply put, very few... Continue Reading →


Millennial Intermission

I wonder how many of my fellow Millennials realize the vital times we find ourselves young in. A large influx of change has been made within our society - all beginning around the time of 2000 - that has really left us in a sort of cross hold of eras. Much like that of 1960's... Continue Reading →

Pornography Psychology

Introduction Modern pornography has manipulated society into a clash of irresistible pleasure and moral dilemma. The problem is there is no problem with porn in itself. Rather, in the way society intakes it. The overall concern lies in how the youth is developing their perspective of sex through porn. However, the promiscuous behavior it evokes... Continue Reading →

How Literature is Changing in the 21st Century

Introduction Within our age of the Internet, literature necessarily isn’t dying as some people insist. Instead, it’s shaping itself in ways to appropriately accommodate modern technology. Blogs have given independent writers and corporations the opportunity to publish whenever they desire. Newspapers and magazines now hold completely digital subscription services. Likewise, novels are finding their way... Continue Reading →

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