Millennial Intermission

I wonder how many of my fellow Millennials realize the vital times we find ourselves young in. A large influx of change has been made within our society – all beginning around the time of 2000 – that has really left us in a sort of cross hold of eras. Much like that of 1960’s America, we are pushing society into a new direction. Though, it’s undoubtedly an uncertain direction.

To consider all the factors that are triggering these changes would be too much for any single blog post. With the Trump administration, the rise in power of social media, and the endless stream of activists, you could write an entire book series on what we’re living through. Being that I speak to Millenials specifically, we’re truly the entities that will have to carry out the future of this confusion. Personally, I believe this has a large sufficiency to the rise in mental illnesses.

Regardless, if you ever find yourself caught up in the emotion of society’s uncertainty, I make one suggestion and one suggestion only. Take a break from the chaos. An intermission, if you will. I do it quite often and find it’s the only way I can stay sane.

With this intermission, meditate on the fact that we’re the ones to foresee the future. Therefore, we’re the ones who will inevitably decide what is to come. And with so much distrust and separation we place amongst ourselves, I do worry as to where it will decide to lead.

At least the hippies had some sense of unification.

Pornography Psychology

Pornography Psychology


Modern pornography has manipulated society into a clash of irresistible pleasure and moral dilemma. The problem is there is no problem with porn in itself. Rather, in the way society intakes it.

The overall concern lies in how the youth is developing their perspective of sex through porn. However, the promiscuous behavior it evokes isn’t what we should worry about. Instead, we should look into the emotion that drives this promiscuity. Though it may be a dying idea, the feelings of lovemaking are what we’re missing through modern pornography.

The goal of this blog is to clear up that emotion porn gives us. To understand why it makes us feel so compulsive. Differentiating the good and bad of this compulsivity. And to bring a new idea to love making. An idea I could only imagine through watching pornography. Continue reading

How Literature is Changing in the 21st Century

How Literature is Changing in the 21st Century


Within our age of the Internet, literature necessarily isn’t dying as some people insist. Instead, it’s shaping itself in ways to appropriately accommodate modern technology. Blogs have given independent writers and corporations the opportunity to publish whenever they desire. Newspapers and magazines now hold completely digital subscription services. Likewise, novels are finding their way from the page to the screen.

Social media is only fueling a new literary trend. Web sites like Twitter allow for publications in 160 words or less. Though this might seem like an insufficient means for receiving information, the use of the hashtag has only made more convenience for web surfers. A hashtag unites many publications together, offering a variety of opinions and voices for people to read. Likewise, social media uses online forums as a way to connect people on the issues they wish to discuss.

However, when it comes to traditional-based publications such as novels and playwrights, we are seeing a diminish in interest. There are a variety of reasons for this, but the most notable are that people want to receive information at quicker rates. The internet allows for readers to digest stories within a matter of minutes (or even seconds).

Let’s say someone is scrolling around online publications for an hour. Within that time, they will have overviewed a wide diversity of information. This is becoming the preferred method for one simple reason. People are finding more interest in having an abundance at their disposal.

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