Five Essentials to Writing Superb Dialogue

The art of screenwriting is a difficulty that takes years of practice and failure to master. The art of dialogue is a struggle in composing a simplistic speech. When considered, our primary goal as screenwriters is to take human behavior and accurately reflect it on the page. In terms of dialogue, we seek to take... Continue Reading →


Pornography Psychology

Introduction Modern pornography has manipulated society into a clash of irresistible pleasure and moral dilemma. The problem is there is no problem with porn in itself. Rather, in the way society intakes it. The overall concern lies in how the youth is developing their perspective of sex through porn. However, the promiscuous behavior it evokes... Continue Reading →

From Film to Video

Introduction In 1888, the invention of roll film was perfected. George Eastman had created a technology brilliant enough to capture pictures in motion. It wasn't long after that people started having their fun with it. By 1913, Hollywood had begun to grow. It's often forgotten how convincing cinema was when it first hit the public.... Continue Reading →

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