Looking for Opinions – Public Interest in Art

As a writer, my goal - just like any other writer - is to publish pieces that will gain as much public interest as possible. On this blog, I've talked to great lengths as to why this is such a tricky situation for me and any other writer of the era. Simply put, very few... Continue Reading →


Hidden Talents

I'm in a sort of disputation right now with the future of my career. To sum it up, I have a strong desire to start broadcasting myself on YouTube for the sake of my writing. With this, I contemplate whether I should focus on my writing rather than leading myself to believe I have any... Continue Reading →

The Future of This Blog

I'm going to make this short and sweet. In my humble opinion, I think journalism is going to a shit. And journalists either need to change their methods or their approach. I, for one, never considered myself capable of this line of work. Rather, I particularly enjoy fiction writing. Yet, after a publishing on High Time's... Continue Reading →

Feedback for a Segment of my Story

One of my greatest goals as a writer is to properly recreate the modern generation's conscious thoughts onto paper. Being that my thoughts are my only source of knowledge, I'm unsure how far I've come in successfully doing this. Professors have told me I have a voice that very much recreates the youth. Friends have... Continue Reading →

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