An Analysis of the School Shooting Phenomenon

A deeper look into what makes individuals want to commit mass murder.


The Endless Depression: How to Break It

It's often ignored, normally by people without mental health, that depression is a cycle that seems to go on forever. And it's never the most consistent. One day, you might feel alright enough to go out with your friends, grabs some drinks, and enjoy yourself a little. The next, you're back in that empty headspace.... Continue Reading →

How Anxiety Can Trigger Passion

More often than not, people with the mental disorder known as anxiety have the tendency to prevent themselves from acts of passion. This isn't to say anxious people aren't big dreamers. Quite the opposite, in fact. Many who struggle with anxiety happen to be those seeking out a passion most. The problem is there's too... Continue Reading →

Labeling People with Mental Disorders

Introduction The term "mental disorder" is a riveting assertion in and of itself. According to News Week, about 42.5 million American adults are labeled with a "mental illness". This would mean that one in every five people have some sort of irregularity with their thought process. I often find that "mental disorders" are simply exaggerated... Continue Reading →

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