Social Media’s Role in Social Anxiety

Social Media’s Role in Social Anxiety


Maybe you’re someone like me who┬ásuffers from social anxiety. You live day by day feeling lonelier and lonelier. I’d like to start by reminding you that you’re not alone.

If you’re not someone like me, then I ask simply that you try to understand before reading on. People generally feel sensitive about this topic and don’t like to bring it up. I know I feel reluctant writing about it.

An article stumbled across my desk recently discussing social media and its effect on people with social anxiety. This caught my interest because I don’t use social media much myself. Yet, I’ve been attempting to recently as I endeavor to make a living freelance writing. I’ve been struggling and this article confirmed why.

To sum it up, people with social anxiety tend to focus too much on everyone else’s appearace on screen. Often feeling self-conscious about their own page.

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