About my Head


Just another desperately struggling artist. Located in San Francisco, California. Looking to give new perspectives on the digitally-infused world around us. Writing primarily for my generation.

There’s so much that’s gone unsaid. There’s so much that’s been untold. Millennials are so unique in character, it boggles me that so few stories have accurately portrayed who we truly are as individuals. As an artist, it will always be my goal to take this uniqueness and put it on the page.

Though my opinion might not be the most popular, my words are meant as nothing more than something to consider. I hold no assurance that my perspective has any deeply crucial meaning worth a damn to anyone. Rather, I believe the words I provide can offer ideas into other perspectives.

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who get¬†it and those who don’t. I only write my work for those who do.


– Paul James


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