About my Head

A screenwriting major located in San Francisco, California. Looking to give new perspectives on film and literature. Writing primarily for my generation.

I’ve noticed that the majority of millennial writers have so much difficulty reflecting the thoughts and desires of our time. My goal as an artist is to recreate these thoughts for the page and screen. I believe my generation is gifted in certain abilities and lacking in others, which makes us unique for storytelling. We hold characters and settingsĀ that are unlike any other era. This is all backed by a moral code still quite new to society’s knowledge.

You will get a taste of my philosophy thrown into the words. Though – to a certain regard – it’s nihilistic, I can’t help but feel so certain that most of us just don’t care. The future is so uncertain and the present is so conflicting, we can only sit back and watch it all unfold before our eyes.

I often find myself observing with hostility and reflecting my thoughts in places such as this blog.


– Paul James