Barrow, Alaska and Global Warming


At the northern most tip of America settles a small city known as Barrow, Alaska. It’s so secluded from the rest of the world that you’d need a plane or boat just to get there. This little community likes it that way.

However, with recent escalations in carbon dioxide levels, Barrow is being put to a threat. The ice that builds up along the coast is used by whalers. They travel out long distances in order to capture food for the long winters. Recently, this ice has been melting.

Pollution Destroying Someone Else’s Home

Robert C. Harcharek (Barrow’s mayor) has mentioned the effects global warming has personally had on him. Being a resident of Barrow for over forty years, he had come to settle nicely in a little home. Due to the rise in climate, his house had to be moved in order to prevent it from sinking into the arctic.

As mentioned, other residents have been had trouble getting food for their families. They claim that you used to be able to walk twenty miles out onto the frozen ocean. Now, the ice only freezes over about a mile.

Though global warming effects the entire world, it’s hitting the arctic the hardest. Reason being that our ocean’s temperatures are rising along with the sea levels. With pollution traveling to where cooler temperatures are necessary for survival, we’re not only putting those living in the areas in danger.

In fact, we’re putting ourselves in danger as the arctic plays a large role in what’s happening with the rest of the world. The people of Barrow just happen to have to witness it firsthand.

Carbon Dioxide Growth and Its Effects

With so much talk about global warming, the majority of us understand it’s a major issue. Yet, only so many of us are taking action.

Within the past two decades, CO2 levels have nearly doubled. Most of this occurring in the last ten years. Scientists predict this rapid growth will only continue seeing as not enough action is being taken to prevent it. Though the outcomes can only be made through educated predictions, they’re looking fatal.

According to NASA, there is much more happening than just a rise in the earth’s temperature. Sea levels rise, ecosystems change, and diseases spread. If we continue to mistreat our environment, these already real catastrophes will only heighten. And places like Barrow will continue sinking into the water.

Likewise, tropical regions are also being affected. Natural disasters have not only become more apparent, but stronger too.


I’m not here to tell the world that actions need to happen. This is obvious. I’m here to bring to light little places like Barrow.

Places of our earth that seem too often ignored are suffering the hardest. When we’ve been blind to witness the effects firsthand, we assume everything will be alright. Still, it’s forgotten how large a role these regions of the earth play in our daily lives.

The way I see it, there will most likely come a time when the residents of Barrow must move on. As terrible a notion as it is, the world’s climate is changing too quickly for immediate reassurance.


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