An Analysis of the School Shooting Phenomenon

A deeper look into what makes individuals want to commit mass murder.


9 Sensitivities of the Delicate Human

Exploring the deeper emotions and thoughts a sensitive person struggles with on a day-to-day basis.

Breaking the Nothing

It was a Thursday afternoon during the great escape known as summer break. The sun was blazing so much heat, we were forced to melt next to a fan while attempting to watch television. But there was nothing on. I turned to the three sitting next to me and said something along the lines of,... Continue Reading →

How Anxiety Can Trigger Passion

More often than not, people with the mental disorder known as anxiety have the tendency to prevent themselves from acts of passion. This isn't to say anxious people aren't big dreamers. Quite the opposite, in fact. Many who struggle with anxiety happen to be those seeking out a passion most. The problem is there's too... Continue Reading →

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